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Black and White re-color

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Black and White re-color
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Beyoncé & Jay Z attending Made in America in LA

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31 Aug 14 at 8 pm

“What was amazing about those scenes was that, she just looks so young in them and her ability to act as she would’ve at that age was really what brought those scenes to life.” - Jake Nava on recreating scenes from the past in Beyoncé's Grown Woman video.

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This has been Beyoncé and Jay Z since May 5th. These are genuine smiles, laughter, hand-holding, flirting and hugging done between a couple that loves each other. However, since May 5th’s “elevator incident”, the media has dragged these two through the mud, overjoyed that they finally have something to hold against them.

Despite visual evidence of a perfectly fine relationship, “news” outlets have created stories and spread rumors of a divorce like wildfire. Because God forbid a black couple is not only incredibly successful in their careers but in their marriage as well. I’m writing this because I am tired of people searching for ways to tear them down, especially as one of the few major faces of color in the entertainment industry. If that incident happened to any “other” couple, there wouldn’t be a widespread hope for their downfall. We probably wouldn’t even be discussing it anymore.

No marriage is perfect. Beyoncé and Jay Z are human beings in a normal marriage that has its flaws. If the tape of that incident was never released, this wouldn’t even be a discussion right now.

Dear media, please accept the fact that the strongest and most powerful people in entertainment right now is a black couple. Their reign together isn’t ending anytime soon.

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Beyoncé for CR Fashion Book: Issue #5

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Everything Beyonce does is careful and thought out. Her entire image is perfection crafted from planning ahead. She does not ‘wing it’ or throw things into her performances and public appearances ‘just because’.

What she did at this award show was amazing, especially because of how intentional and thought out it clearly was.

Feminism is a scary word for a lot of people. Many women are afraid of calling themselves feminist because they think it implies anger, hatred of men, or a rejection of traditional femininity. 

Beyonce presented everyone watching with two distinct images of what many viewers viewed as two very different women. There is the strong, independent FEMINIST. She is the woman who likes being in control and being in the spotlight. Then there is the WIFE and MOTHER. She is soft, sweet, smiling at the husband and child you can tell she loves and values so much.

For every girl watching who was afraid to be a feminist, afraid to be powerful, because of what she thought she would lose, this is an incredible message. You can be all the things you want to be. You can be both. Feminists can have amazing happy, full lives full of both traditional and modern womanhood. 

Feminism means gender should not be a source of persecution or a restriction of your choices. Feminism mean the type of person you should be is based on what you value, not what outside forces pressure you to value because of your gender or biological sex. Shout at the top of your lungs that you are a feminist and proud. Then go and be the exact person that you want to be. 

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the biggest fuck you to every beyonce hate article written by a white feminist

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the biggest fuck you to every beyonce hate article written by a white feminist
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The Carter’s x VMAs

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Blue Ivy doing the ***Flawless Dance @ The VMAS 2014.

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